Research & Development


BOSAL is investing more into research, looking five to ten years ahead and being guided by not only future emission legislation but also trends for key customers and consumers. CO2 reduction is a key driver, leading us to pursue various technologies that could lead to effective solutions.

Investment in intellectual capital is at the heart of our research activity, both in our own staff and with world-class partners including OEM’s, research institutes and universities. Collaboration pools expertise, accelerating knowledge gain and the development of intellectual property. Our ‘open innovation ecosystem’ is multinational, multicultural and embraces the 24-hour global economy.

BOSAL is constantly expanding its knowledge base in chemistry, thermo and flow dynamics, mechatronics, materials science, acoustics and simulation. Some examples of hot and cold end research themes include:
• Weight reduction and alternative materials
• Energy conversion, where waste heat from the exhaust can be used to bring coolant to optimum temperature faster or to generate electricity for ancillaries
• Particulate sensing to optimise filter regeneration
• Active acoustic control

BOSAL’s strength in simulation enables many concepts and designs to be ‘virtually tested’, delivering ‘right first time’ prototypes that cut programme times, increase design confidence and minimise development budgets.