Original equipment market

Bosal is a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of exhaust systems for vehicle manufacturers around the globe. With a goal of providing the highest quality and value to our customers, we have continually pursued innovation and new technologies in design, manufacturing, and delivery.

With the Bosal Sequential In-Line System, we pioneered just-in-time delivery of exhaust systems - supplying systems to the assembly line within 80 minutes of receiving the order.

We’ve extended the boundaries of exhaust systems performance parameters with innovations such as the Bosal Manicat, a fabricated insulated exhaust manifold, which features an integrated starter catalyst. Another innovation is our Lightweight Exhaust, which redefines, from first principles, the design, manufacture, and installation of the entire exhaust system.

In addition to OE systems, Bosal manufactures OE service products and high performance products for OEM programs in North America.
In North America, Bosal OE systems are designed in our Development Center in Ypsilanti, MI. We manufacture OE and OES systems in our ISO/TS16949-2002 certified facilities in Ypsilanti, MI; Livonia, GA; and Querétaro, Mexico.